26 June 2009

Update ...Going back to Cameroon

There will be more, but COS trip came and went, medical school interviews came and went, I moved to Chicago and wrote and volunteered for Obama, then I moved to Kenya for 2 months, and then I moved to San Francisco to start school at UCSF. First year of medical school ended, and this summer they're funding me to go to Cameroon and do HIV research. Last minutes before leaving for Cameroon, 5 houses later, a year and a half older, and an official Californian, I'm reminded of Peace Corps dreams about being in the US and packing again for Peace Corps, being in REI, getting everything I needed, doing it right. This isn't quite the same, but there's some of that. One bag full of presents (tu m'as garde quoi?) another one with pagne to wear, and lots of people who know I'm coming through various word of mouth - and others who don't and will find out soon.
Updates to come, as I'll be living in Yaounde this time, with internet and phone and paved roads. 7 weeks will fly, compared to almost 27 months - but I'm looking forward to making Cameroon part of my present again, and not just the past.


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