17 July 2006

Jenny in the News

Jenny sent a link to an article about Cameroon in the Baltimore Sun: Monkey meat and its hazards. She mentions some highlights:

  • (well, i'm in it, oh, and credited) [in the slideshow/gallery]
  • old man sitting in bed is the chief of akam
  • man holding goat, about to slaughter it, is my house guardian, joel
  • house pictured with boots in front - that's my friends marthe and joel's house
  • church, other shots of village - that's all akam (and literally, that's about *all* of akam)
  • truck overloaded with cocoa on the road? that was on the way back to mvangan; we got delayed about half an hour there
  • (turn the captions on for the slideshow; it helps)
  • pangolin on the tree? good stuff.
  • mat (lebreton) "trekking through the forest"? that's about 20 feet behind the project house

Check it out!

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