03 October 2005

Greetings from Yaounde!

[This is from a quick update email Jenny sent us from Yaounde. Hence, the bullet points. -- Dev]

This is going to be a mass and multi-purpose email, for now.

  • We arrived last night. It is amazing and completely overwhelming!
  • We are in Yaounde until Thursday morning when we leave for Bandjoun, about 3 hours away in the western province. We will live with host families there during training (till dec 15).
  • For those of you who saw my luggage, I'm missing the big big bag. Of the 29 of us, 14 are missing bags; we'll see tomorrow if they come in on Aire France. I guess I'll be getting new fabrics and having clothes made a lot more quickly, then.
  • Being my (ridiculous) self this means I am missing most things but have the essentials - all of my books, my wrap-around non-pants, a radio, a towel and toiletries, and all the carry-on stuff.
  • The shots - we only got 3 in Philly (no bad reactions) and the rest over the next few weeks.
  • Just took a driving tour of Yaounde. Beautiful, beautiful vistas. Our hotel is near the national soccer stadium, as is the internet cafe where I am now.
  • Tonight is dinner at the CD's house (Country Director, for future reference). The us ambassador might be there - he is a former PCV!!!
  • I'm in Africa.
  • Peace Corps is awesome. My group is really amazing.

Bisous! A bientot.

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